While our first goal must be to become a growing and profitable company, ultimately the success of Akanda will be measured by the development of the community around us.

Akanda seeks to drive positive change in wellness, empower individuals in Lesotho, and uplift the quality of the lives of employees and the local communities where we operate – while limiting our carbon footprint

Investing in Lesotho

  • Akanda, with strong support from the Lesotho government and community groups, is seeking to make Lesotho the cannabis capital of Africa.
  • Create attractive, sustainable, skilled jobs in this emerging sector within a country that is disadvantaged socioeconomically.

Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Akanda is committed to meeting 12 of the UN’s 17 transformative sustainable development goals.

  • People
  • Peace
  • Partnership
  • Planet
  • Prosperity

Key socio-economic initiatives undertaken with the Mophuthi Matsoso Development Trust:

  • Construction of state of the art learning centre
  • Supply of computer equipment
  • Construction of a place of worship
  • Small farmer development program

Equitable labor approach

Prioritizing local community job creation and skill training, and providing equity ownership to employees through the Akanda Bokamoso Empowerment Trust.

Bophelo pays 2.7x higher than the prescribed minimum wage in Lesotho
Akanda Bokamoso Empowerment Trust1 provides equity participation to employees
Jobs created in the local economy so far
  1. The Akanda Bokamoso Empowerment Trust provides workers with a direct stake in the business they are helping to build.

Below are the 12 goals we are committed to meeting out of the 17 identified by the UN.