With roots firmly planted in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa, our mission is to be the world's leading supplier of ethically sourced medical cannabis and wellness products


First country in Africa to legalize medical cannabis.

Lesotho was the first African country to issue licenses for cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes in 2017.

  • Strong government support for local cannabis industry.
  • Member state of Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.
  • Proven cannabis hub with a track record of successful GACP cultivation and EU GMP manufacturing with exports to Europe.
  • Bophelo campus based in Special Economic Zone dedicated to cannabis industry.

We are proud of becoming the first African nation to produce cannabis legally, and we can only see this improving the lives and the health of the people of our great country.

- Spokesman for the office of Lesotho’s Prime Minister, Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane

Wholly-owned subsidiary Bophelo Bioscience & Wellness holds the largest license issued in Lesotho to produce cannabis products


High Quality

Optimal Conditions for Cultivation

  • Over 300 days of sunshine, low humidity
  • Some of the lowest pollution levels in the world
  • Excellent road and air infrastructure network
  • Naturally occurring mountain spring water on site
  • High capacity supply of electricity installed

Sustainable Cost Advantages

  • Some of the lowest cultivation costs in the world
  • Abundant supply of labor and natural resources
  • Bophelo’s projected production costs are one-third average Canadian costs

With a favorable high altitude, low humidity climate, Lesotho offers a clean and ideal growing environment


Bophelo's massive 200 hectare campus offers tremendous opportunity to develop and support the local community, as well as exporting product to international markets


200 hectares

maximum licensed canopy area

Over 9,000 kg

est. production for 2022

First Harvest



Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) Qualification

  • 5.6 hectare site ACHIEVED AUGUST 2021

Cultivation & manufacturing expansion projects

  • 5.6 hectare site enclosure - COMPLETED
  • 2.85 hectare grow - In Progress
  • Additional green house capacity for 2022/23 season – Evaluation stage
  • EU GMP certified post-harvest facility & testing lab currently in feasibility and evaluation stage

Bophelo has scalability that is arguably unmatched in the world today.